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What started as a custom, hand-made neckwear line soon evolved into a design company focused on creating fine women’s couture. From new twists on the “little black dress” to incredible evening and special event ensembles, Mark’s artful selection of fabric and design complements both the unique personality of the woman and the spirit of the event for which the garment is being created. He personally selects only the finest silks from a global marketplace, preferring fabrics laced with unusual textures, colors, and patterns that are masterfully woven with layers of rich threads for a unique multi-dimensional look.

The Mark Roscoe women’s couture collection and the men’s neckwear line have appeared at some of the most prestigious events, including the Academy Awards, the Grammy Awards, and the Emmy Awards.

When you are in the market for women’s couture or hand-crafted neckwear created to reflect the inner as well as the outer you, look to Mark Roscoe. Are you ready to “make a statement without uttering a word”?