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Coastal Couture

Coastal Couture

By Krysten Beck, as published in, online lifestyle magazine.

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Along with his couture designs, Roscoe also produces a line of men’s neckwear. These bold, statement pieces are available for purchase at David’s Men’s Clothier in Valparaiso, IN.
Showing up to an event in the same dress as another attendee is considered by many as a fashion crisis. But, with so many clothing stores selling the same lines, how does a Beach Coaster stand out among all the commercial fashion?

Mark Roscoe has the answer – go couture.

“When people ask how I became a fashion designer, I always tell the same story,” Roscoe said. “During the time I spent as a runway model in college, I would see the clothing and think ‘hey, I can do this’ and I began designing by sketching a dress on a napkin for a friend in need.”

Ever since that first napkin sketch, Valparaiso, Indiana’s own fashion designer has been creating one-of-a-kind gowns and neckties at his Beach Coast studio.

“Beach Coasters wear nice clothes, go to events, have good taste, and some have the budgets to allow a couture gown in their wardrobe. When these women go to certain events, they don’t want someone else showing up in the same gown, or worse, looking better in it than they do,” Roscoe said.

A Practicing Designer and Lawyer
Roscoe has made a splash on the Beach Coast as a designer for the last ten years, but he has also been practicing family law for almost three decades in Valparaiso. When he’s not practicing, he’s sketching, meeting with clients and creating unique gowns and neckties.

“Having my own private practice for the last 10 years leaves more time for scheduling and design time,” Roscoe said. “My studio is in my home and when I can’t sleep, I can design – I can really put design time in when I get inspired.”

A Tie Changes Everything
In addition to designing women’s gowns, Roscoe has also built a reputation for designing men’s neckties.

“For men, a suit is a suit. You have brown, black, blue and gray and not much more. Suiting men is all about the accessories: shirts, cuff links, ties – and selecting and wearing the right tie can change the whole look,” Roscoe said.

Roscoe’s ties are made from silks and 100 percent woven fabrics. Weaving the silks and other fibers adds texture, said Roscoe, and reflects light in different ways making the fabrics he uses look rich and interesting.

The gowns and neckties are all made from fabrics Roscoe handpicks as he travels internationally. Roscoe travels to India, Egypt, Thailand, Italy and other countries to search for fabrics, while also dealing locally through a European supplier to get unique fabrics for his designs.

“Right now I only sell my ties in a few boutiques, but my design company and I have big plans for 2012 including an expansion to further the Mark Roscoe brand all around the world,” Roscoe said.

Stay tuned to Mark Roscoe Designs to see what unfolds in the next year.

Mark Roscoe Designs
604 Washington Street
Valparaiso, IN 46383
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Krysten Beck is Beach Coast born and raised and recently moved back to the area after graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Journalism. Krysten has written for the Indiana Daily Student and the Indiana University Arbutus Yearbook while also contributing to a handful of blogs.